Understanding and Managing Low Mood

The Understanding Low Mood e-learning course focuses on understanding more about the effects of low mood and the impact it can have on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It also provides practical tips and advice about how to manage and control depression as well as information about further help and support that is available.

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Mental Health Awareness

The Mental Health Awareness e-learning course will help you to gain awareness of common mental health problems and outline practical tools for managing your own wellbeing and support others. Useful information and signposts to local and national mental health support is also provided.

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Peer Support Training

Level 3 Accredited Peer Support Training aimed at individuals who want to gain professional certification in a unique and proven type of support work. A range of training options are available to suit both organisations and individuals who want to increase their understanding of Peer Support.

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Improving Sleep

The Improving Sleep e-learning course provides an introduction to sleep by examining the benefits of good sleep as well as examining common sleep problems. Practical suggestions for improving sleep are provided as well as information about further help and support that is available.

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Suicide Awareness

The Suicide Awareness e-learning course aims to develop individuals' understanding of suicide, including the risk factors and warning signs, challenge common misconceptions and share information about help and support that is available both locally and nationally. 

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Trauma Informed Practice

Running over two half days, these sessions provide a comprehensive introduction to Trauma Informed Practice and have been developed for professionals working with adults or families impacted by trauma. The course draws on current research and explores emotional distress by considering the meanings that are given to the experiences we have.

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Wellbeing at Work – A Guide for Employees

This FREE eight part e-learning series has been developed to help improve employee understanding of wellbeing in the workplace. The course covers a broad range of wellbeing topics including recognising the signs of stress, identifying workplace stressors and how to promote wellbeing.  

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Skills for Being Well in Adversity

The Skills for Being Well in Adversity course has been developed to provide individuals with a range of practical tools and strategies to help them manage their mental and physical wellbeing. The course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about self-care, is struggling with feelings of distress or who works with people who are in crisis.

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Leading Mental Wellbeing

This two-hour interactive workshop provides participants with information and guidance on managing wellbeing in the workplace. Topics covered include recognising the signs of poor mental wellbeing, self-care, leading through adversity as well as an overview of practical wellbeing tools.

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